Bo’s Coffee- Raspberry and Apple ( Brewed Iced Tea)

I always hang out in Bo’s ever since the start of Class.
But, i never tried ordering Brewed Iced Tea.
1. I thought that its the same with pack Tea i bought in the supermarket, But my friend prove me wrong.
She bought Passion Fruit Brewed Iced Tea, and had sip it all.
Of course I wasn’t drooling or anything (I’m sure, i think)….

She tried out all the 4 drinks in one week, and I ignored it.
But then, in the spur of the moment, which is my habit of doing things,
I wanted to try out Raspberry Iced Tea
And LO and Behold, It is delicious…..
I’m sipping my Iced Tea right now as I post this.
I can’t finish it in one gulp and I’m using it as an excuse to study in Bo’s for 4 hours more.


Note: I always do things at the spur of the moment, depending on my mood or energy
So even if my post are common/nonsense/boring/ redundant
They mean something to me. I can relate to it.


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