Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf CANNED

I may have turned into a NEET,  knowing that I seldom go out of the house, either than school, friends, Cosplay, Fashion Events, Food Hunt and shopping.
I don’t have anything planned in mind.

So new things, new marketed products…I will learn later
But who cares, better late than never…right?!


Check out this canned CBTL iced tea
It’s so convenient, I don’t need to walk to Cybergate Robinson or drive to IT park to order this drink…
I’m a local in Cebu, so believe me when I say i know every nook and cranny, even the HP, of this city, so finding a 7eleven is no sweat (laughs)
(I’m being silly again,I’m boasting something nonsense to you)

I loved iced tea but i loved them sweet.
The drink wasn’t to sweet or too better. It’s right for my taste…(i don’t know yours) but i really liked this drink….Now I’m hook…

NOW let me finish the whole drink as I post this story


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