Hi! School-Love On (하이스쿨 – 러브온) Review

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Attention all INFINITE fans..This is the 1st time that Woo-hyun and Sung Yeol are gonna be in a drama. It’s nice that they kept their stage name in the drama so viewers will still vouch for them using their names.

They’re gonna fight and win over the heart of our Beautiful Angel — Sae-Ron.

Now, Whose side are you On?




*sorry for the low production image….I’ll change it when I find a more clear image*




Lee Sung-Yeol as Hwang Sung-Yeol

The school smartest kid, whose good at anything without even trying.
He hates his stepmother (who is Woo-hyun’s mother who left him)
He has a crush on Seul-bi.

Hi!_School_-_Love_On-Nam_Woo-HyunNam Woo-Hyun as Shin Woo-Hyun

After getting in trouble in his former school, due to the mother who hates him cause her daughter like him.
He transferred to sung-yeol school,and the two became frenemies.
He let seul-bi stay in his house until she regains her memories( which she has, she only lied cause she’s an angel, and whose gonna believe that)
He slowly came to like her
He was suppose to die, but seul-bi save him

Hi!_School_-_Love_On-Kim_Sae-RonKim Sae-Ron as Lee Seul-Bi (our angel)

Occupation: angel of death, reaper; her job is to guide souls and sends them to the other side.
She accidentally saves woo-hyun when he fell from a building, causing her to lose her death book( the book that rings like a funeral bell, when someone is going to die)
She is smart , as she easily answers the questions easily
Her powers allows her to make objects move, control machines…she used to teleport when she was an angel and stop time, but she can’t do it in her human form, as using her powers drains her energy, causing her to faint.



A fantasy romance drama about an angel (Lee Seul-Bi) who became a human after saving Shin Woo-Hyun (infinite Woo-hyun) who was about to die, through an unforeseen accident, and a love triangle between, seul-bi, woo-hyun and sung-yeol (who has a crush on her). The noisy and ridiculous relationship between a mortal angel and teenage high school students will be unfolded.

It’s all about the Woo-Hyun & Seul Bi Love life and if you add Sung-yeol. then it becomes a Triangle love story. But the pairing is Woo-hyun & Seul-bi. So heartbreaker for Sung-yeol fans out there.

Review: [ episode 14]
I really hate girls who are bitches.
I can’t believe this is how girls and boys in Korea act…so scary.
I don’t want to go to school there.
Well highschool life, you only get to experience it while your young so why not go wild and be crazy for once.

But really! Highschool bullying…that’s friggin’ sick.
( I’m complaining cause i never got bullied…and we never do bullying in highschool.
Well, i have such a fantastic School and mates (in short were so liberated, we simply don’t care whatever you do. We just talk behind your back, and that’s it.)

(may changed depending on every episodes entertainment…I just gave it a 3 since I’m an Infinite Fan….minus the 2 since I’m still checking out woo-hyun & Seong-Yul acting , as well as the dramas up to the challenge of entertaining me)



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