GuGu Chicken

“GUGU Chicken” – as the name itself, “GUGU” is the sound of a chicken in korea.
Quite different from our chicken sound which is “tuktugauk” ” or in english “cock-a-doodle-doo”.

It’s owned by a  handsome gentleman, ” Jay Yang” or we are used to call “Sir Jay”

The place is located at GNB BLDG F. Cabahug st. Kasambagan Cebu(across Mabolo Sykes), adjacent to “Kusina Uno”.

The restaurant main point is their Delivery service, they can deliver to Cebu, Mandaue, Talamban and even Lapu-lapu City, and the best thing there is, is they offer free delivery when you order reach Php 350. Quite a good deal right.
They also offer beers and Soju for those who wanted to chill out and get drunk.

The store opens: 12:00 nn-2:00 am
Contact no.:
Landline: 266 8277
Sun: 09436885959
Globe: 09175530001

Now enough intro and more postings about the food.


Flyer for the Gugu chicken restaurant….please do tell your friends…tehee
This is my 2nd visit, and again, always a treat. Yet i always leave with my stomach feeling satisfied and full…* burp*


This chicken may look plain but dip it into a “wasabi sauce” and you’ll be blazing up.
It cost Php 600, but hey….its not the money but the satisfaction it gives, right?!


Php 600
I tasted it, and its a mixture of sweet and spicy clashing in your mouth, and the spice winning….had to grab a drink to wash out its strong spicy flavor.
I’m not used to eating spicy food, nor can i handle it. But my friends loved this and it taste delicious . Critic taken from spicy food lovers.


Php 600
Now hold up guys….THIS ONE is my Paborito ( Favorite)!!!  Its just delicious for me and dip it with mustard sauce……*dies* It is that delicious!


Let’s not forget the side dishes…..I kinda gulp down the one on the left, cabbage with special korean vinegar. It taste so good, because the freshness of the cabbage is blended well with the sweet, vinegar taste of the mixture.


Best of both worlds!!!!!!


Jay Yang….the  handsome owner of GUGU Chicken
Thanks for the treat Sir Jay!! ☺


Me, jane and kathy….*guess where we are when we took this photo?*


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