Zucre Pastry Shop

We had a long day ‘today’ Oct. 15,2014
From an insane exam, grief, to on call, to false alarm, and then finally, we came to relax at Zucre Pastry Shop at City Times square across Parkmall..

We considered going to ‘The pancake house’, a korean shop but my friends wanted to try new shops, and so we considered going to Zucre….
We were hesistant at first, the shop has little customers on it and we settled near the glass wall.



I took my time checking out they’re food, ranging from cupcakes, cakes, mini cupcakes and they even have fried ice cream serve in fiery presentation…too bad we didn’t try it…




There were only less people inside but after a few minutes, more people arrived so i stopped taking pictures…LOL

I ordered Frappe Cappucino since they don’t have Frappe Mocha….I’m always looking for alternative if the shop doesn’t sell the drinks i like.


All i can say is ‘Frappe Cappucino’ is delish…
It only cost me Php 70 , and it satisfied me ….I didn’t get any headaches from caffeine overdose and its sweet and cool, perfect for my ‘sweet tooth’ delight.


The ‘mini red velvet cupcake’ -Php 10  & (i forgot the name on the left)

Zucre Pastry Shop is open:
M-thurs & Sun-10am-10pm
Fri-Sat.-10 am-12am

We will come back here again. That’s all I can say.


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