Archon 2014 [ Cosplay Night Ends]

I was already tired from walking around and ‘Wow’ and ‘Aggh’ and Fangirling that I decided to have a break…No..officially end my Cosplay event.

After all, what better way to end the Event than get distracted by my ‘Cotton On’ Newly opened store and all its Bizarre Sale…hahahaha. I’m a Girl. If you’re still wondering

after I took a break in my Cosplay World. I was surrounded by all this Shops and Stores….did I just repeat that?! Geez

Anyhow, This are the Clips that I took after Cosplay

1619172_916737828336996_4337251060809115383_n 1932455_916737558337023_5189604134091160596_n 10154910_916737565003689_4943625811949717054_n






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