Archon 2014 – Haru and Makoto [Free]

Check out – Haru and Makoto [ Yaoi Moments]





Can a girl get to see Haru and Makoto moments LIVE

well then sistah…I’ve just Did!



Kyahhhhh!!!   Ain’t they cute!!!!!  *nods!!!!!*

10670002_916750651669047_3444340731955424696_n 10525702_916750648335714_7384378586068101989_n

The scene , when Haru realize that He’s near the Water and tries to Dive In…Good thing Makoto was there to stop him…Before he makes a splash!

This is my 1st Favorite Pic!   I just love it!

thanks guys!


that moment when a craze Fan can’t take it anymore and decided to join in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shantal did it too well!!!!!

10646682_916750995002346_6617116498335917413_n 1511597_916750661669046_8738744467095610390_n

Shantal:  what!!!    wahhhh!!!

us from the sideline: * bwahahahah*


I don’t know if I envy when Haru hugged Shantal but I think I just felt a Thorn pierce my Heart…

Drama zone!!!!

But This is my 2nd favorite Snapshots!!!!!

Its funny, and totally fan worthy!


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