My Lil Bro Birthday

My Brother’s birthday falls on Dec.31… it is. It’s also halloween

So we spend his Birthday and celebrate Halloween at the same time…..Cool right!!!!


me and Mr-I-Dont-Know-what-halloween-character-man


me and my family….

That’s my Bro on the Right corner!

10347549_919968368013942_907400839305375513_n 535910_919968391347273_5861165462458452383_n


me and my mom

1379622_919968071347305_9070812634072163173_n 10710592_919968591347253_8820581367304352858_n 10646970_919968438013935_6376284943411021395_n 10404361_920032194674226_6399165480512290361_n

10341942_919968684680577_3178542990316005469_n 1463882_919968198013959_7416547503043002121_n (1) 10734022_919968938013885_5544208528310710316_n 10675768_919968624680583_3351721715163325409_n 10518837_919968908013888_6546356250013961212_n 10514659_919968871347225_4370507878807766204_n 10391033_919968794680566_343905946528652614_n

I guess my brother is growing and I was busy to notice.

and When I finally Notice it.

he have become all grown up

Yet, he’s still a Kid

Like me, We may have aged older every year, yet we still remain young at heart and mind…..

I just wonder when we will mature into an adult.

Guess we’ll just see and find out!


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