Red Kimono Review

My first time at Red Kimono is during an eat all you can buffet at Metro Manila.

Now that I’m back in Cebu, well…It’s too bad I wasn’t Freeloading but actually paying on my own…well, Let’s say I change for the better.   hahahah…..



Classic Tonkatsu

Classic Tonkatsu

It only cost Php 240

I can say is its definitely delicious, Dip in its special sauce, boy I loved to eat it everyday.

Chicken Teriyaki1

Shrimp Teriyaki.

the problem is I am allergic to Shrimp…eating it would put me in an uncomfortable, mindblowing situation…inshort, It would kill me.

But from my friends Opinion—-There was none. he was so Hungry he ate it quickly and finish it just a few minutes after…well, there was no complaint so I guess this is delicious for the “nonseafoodallergy’ people

California Maki

Classic Maki

If Koreans have side dishes which is composed of Kimchi, Anchoves, Bean sprouts, Lettuce, etc. Then in japanese culture, they have “Maki”. Others use sushi, but did you know that eating raw fish can lead to Ringworms…..O_o!!! I got traumatized and stop eating raw food—as if I ate raw food in the first place—Nouh!

Chicken teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki

Beef Kamameshi

Beef Kamameshi

Pork Tonkatsu

Pork Tonkatsu

I am satisfied with my Bento Tonkatsu, this is for the other folks who likes to share their food with ‘Barkadas’ or ‘Family’. This is better ordered with ALoT of people, than a few groups, cause will, so much to eat, and so little tummy, can carry.

Green Tea Ice cream

Green Tea Ice cream

If there is a “Green tea Flavored KitKat” — God praised the one who thought of that.

Now there’s the Green tea ice cream.

Seriously I’m not a fan of the GTIC but I supposed I could get used to the taste after , let’s say  a few more gulp, but one taste is enough for now.

But if your a fun of GTIC, then I supposed you try this one.

Buko Pandan Special

Buko Pandan Special

Now we are Talking….one of my favorite food is Buko Pandan. It be- shake, salad, Ice cream or whatever creations it becomes, as long as Buko Pandan exist I will devour any culinary creations it emerges.

That’s me saying, I love the Buko pandan special. and I want to order it again. SECONDS PLEASE!

Well, That’s it Folks.

Till we meet again!


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