Yaki House: Eat-All-You-Can Challenge

The first impression you’ll think of me  is: thin, short, cool, cute, pretty, but you’ll never ever even guess how awesome and unpredictable I am.

You could not even anticipate that my petite figure can up an Eat- all-you-can challenge.

Well, I’m used to it!

It’s just fun watching the Shocked, astonished expression of people discovering it. ~~~ Well, let’s say the staff at Yaki House couldn’t hide their expressions….It shows everytime we order more Beef, Scallops, squids, Pork belly , and if you count how many plates ~ don’t bother.

I even find it hilarious when “kuya waiter” said after a while when we ordered again

“Mukaun pa mo”

and “Ate waiter” said “If there’s leftovers, they will charged another amount”

Ate…..Did you really think there is leftovers left, considering how hungry we were and how big our appetite is. We can still go on with the scallops and squids , Too bad the ice cream was only 1 round…..


from the left: Mayes, Jane, Sai, Romey, Kathy



Let’s come back here again…I want to eat another Eat-all-you-can Buffet…bwahahha!!!





I don’t care what you say, but i’m calling this candid:

IMG_0617 IMG_0616 IMG_0613



Why was I frowning in this pic?  I didn’t know!



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