What to Prepare for Sinulog 2016

This year— though I was prepared for all the catastrophes and chaos that the Sinulog Event will do to me.

Sad to say my supplies were to much. When I look at the others in the crowd

here is what they brought, contrary to mine:

1. their selves

2. Their waterproof Camera

3. Waterproof handphone case

4. Small Sling bags for their money, camera and make-up [Inshort- A disposable bag you can throw away]

5. Extra Shirt when you want to look decent inside the malls, if ever your feet can still stand kilometers of walking

6. Party lights [small] for late night party

7. extra pair of slippers [the foldable type]

8. paper & pen. incase you met your solemate and they want your no.

9. Multi-colored Poster paints. [to mess up other people shirt]

10. Hair color Spray. [incase you have no more supply of poster paint and still want to mess with others]

11. Water Gun [ I need this next time]

12. Sinulog Mask [I badly need this, so my face won’t look like it got crap on]

13. Powerbank

14. An extra battery for the Camera

15. Know where your Crush Hang-outs so you can have an excuse of just accidentally meeting each other. Even for a moment.

That 5 second kilig moment made my whole day AWESOME!

16. Sanicare Wet wipes 30 sheets [Trust me. I need This badly] [Can be a substitute for make-up]

17. Lip & Cheek Tint [ just this 1 make-up item can make you look lively and beautiful the whole day]

18. Cut & Style Island Souvenirs Sinulog Shirt [you can throw away after the event]

Make-up against the crowd of alcoholics and paint job aftereffects is useless.

All this must fit inside your handy dandy mini-size sling bag.


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