Yaki House -for the 3rd Time!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

it’s “Yaki House” Again!

My Favorite Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant in Cebu….I haven’t visited other japanese house yet cause I’m scared.

But this place makes me Fit In perfectly.

Managed by Filipino staff with Authentic Japanese beef. The staff service is great. and its easier to call their attention since , they have a bell on each table.

Especially– the Highlight of the place is their–> EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN-BUFFET!

I’m so Happy. I’m gonna cry. **Sniff**

I’m currently addicted to scallops and more scallops and Beef.

150194_10203660758499739_1672946338546937773_n 10525607_10203660756179681_232100408690865342_n 10520851_10203660757259708_8151314668714490458_n 10422906_10203660765579916_4422692336265470672_n 10378547_10203660762019827_275852346057764567_n 10378547_10203660751579566_7346852504205093946_n 1509094_10203660759019752_4123073714268707942_n 994452_10203660758219732_690745988145288235_n 10943111_10203660757739720_8073050110989942644_n 10940474_10203660759339760_712262872985854787_n 10931402_10203660740139280_1720363053363204548_n 10923504_10203660731859073_6963367228250931831_n 10923303_10203660766819947_1830252200031223054_n 10923269_10203660766139930_5198542604320264949_n 10922624_10203660736619192_6414835306252116486_n (1) 10906565_10203660738899249_246003296621859045_n 10897940_10203660756939700_9099632237717354276_n 10615505_10203660739659268_6285442894341731258_n

Sa uulitin!!!


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