When I go shopping i don’t bring an ounce of money on me.
Just myself.
Its one of the reason that makes me save money wisely, and spend it wisely.
When i go shopping, i don’t look at the brand. I look at the comfort of the clothes, shoes and weither the bags and accessories suit my clothes, in other words I’m not one to call a fashionista but a comfortunista….hahha. it sound weird but that’s me.
( my fashionista-psychologist friend calls me a ‘modern minimalist’) and maybe I am

When people point fingers and say I’m rich just because of the clothes I’m wearing when i do ‘window shopping’, you’re terribly mistaken Senorita’s, senor’s. 
Try taking a peek in my wallet and you’ll find out i just have money enough for food and parking tickets. HAH!

Now let me tell you my open secret.
I don’t carry money the day before i decide to buy anything. That’s because I want to avoid spending on unnecessary things.
Its like a disease. I have an urge to spend on impulse. Impulse buying and i have a tendency to hoard stuff with an excuse that i wanted it so badly, when in reality i don’t actually need it and it would just end up in my drawers and cabinets. A total waste of expense.

That’s why to fight off this urge. I don’t bring big bills on me and just small tokens for survival. So whenever the impulse to buy arose, when i peek into my wallet and see how little i have, it makes me ponder wether i want it or not.
And then think more realistically weither i need it to the point of dying for it or not.
Seasons past, fashion changes and there will be new stuff arriving. Its not worth to spend now, but its better to invest in the future.
That’s why i end up buying classical, simple pieces that could be mismatch with almost everything——in my wardrobe.


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