David’s Tea House

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a food review. Not that anyone’s reading…I’m just posting for the fun of it. 🙂

David’s tea house has been the talk of my school, and I’ve been to busy to visit the place, but during Valentine’s day, let’s say my guy is on the other side of the world and I’m not going to spend my V-day alone, so I went with my family to have a V-night dinner. More like my lil sis and I, hitch to their date.

Tokyo table-the love of my stomach was packed with people inside and outside and the waiting list goes all the way down.
My dad doesn’t like waiting, esp. 7 pm , way past dinner, so we look for another restaurants and we end up at David’s tea house. Luckily, there were vacant tables and my dad choose the table at the side. Not so open and a little private.

The moment i step inside, it feels like I was wisp and teleported to HongKong. The place really can give that vibe and the waiters and waitress wear cute Chinese outfit. It was just perfect.

The interior is design with Chinese superstitions and beliefs and the yable and chairs are covered in delicate red.
And i’m the type of girl who loves the color “red” . Frickin’ awesome.

Here are some of the foods we ordered, i managed to take a shot. The others were already in my stomach.


Roasted Pork Asado

I like this dish since its chewy, tasty and delish.
I wonder what they put in it, that made it yummy


Lemon Chicken

I can’t say if its delicious or just to sweet but i just tasted the lemon and spice down of the chicken.


Shanghai Spring Roll

We bought this for my bro, but since he didn’t arrive, we ate it ourselves and this spring roll is the best I’ve ever tasted.
I want to eat this everyday!!!!!!


Yang Chow Fried rice

I don’t know what kind of ingredients they put in, but it feels like eating this rice is enough to make you ‘burp’ 🙂


Blue Lemonade

I first ordered softdrink, but when i saw the other table have a blue drink, i wasted no time and immediately cancelled my order and pointed for this one.
“Blue Lemonade”- its good that I was observant, codos to super photographic memory and eagle eye. I discovered this drink and what’s even more awesome is that its—-“bottomless”.
I didn’t know i can have a refill until 1 waiter was walking with a pitcher…i know its my drink cause its blue. ***lucky***


Sorry for this, we ate some of it, cause we were hungry already.
The Tea and nuts no longer keep our hunger at bay.

We also had “David’s Special Noodles”, but we just use it as a soup.

All in all.
Good food, reasonable prices, great services. I’m positive I’m gonna come back for another year’s celebration.

Address: B 201-203 City Times Square, Mantawi Ave., Brgy Subangdaku, NRA, Mandaue City
Contact no.: 0917-565-7889
MOP: Cash/ Card
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat. -11am-12pm
Sun.- 11am -11 pm


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