Happy Chinese New Year -Joed’s Lutong Hapon

I got too lazy since we don’t have class and its the Chinese New Year….wishing to eat some fortune cookie

But well, we had a spontaneous evening with my friends and we Dine at Joed’s.

Good food, Good service, Reasonable price

As long as this 3 criteria fits the deal. Then I promise you’ll find me there.

I’m not into luxurious Restaurant. Delicious they may seem but they bore a hole in your wallet, when you’ve notice it, you could only choose the food that you can afford.
High class and rubbish. But well, who am I to criticize, when my appetite and desire is fulfilled. I could only wipe my mouth clean and foot the bills. That’s it.
You won’t hear me say, I’ll come back again. As courtesy. I’ll simply smile with disgrace.

Enough of me babbling and let me introduce you to a new place i’ve tasted.



This meat with veg , & egg
Is very tasty.
The meat has a strong taste but the Tamago, mediates the taste and made it even tastier.
This is the BESTSELLER in Joed’s


        Okonomiyaki –
I’ve been looking all over for this. Good thing Joed’s has this. It’s worth my money after all.

I couldn’t buy Gyoza, since i decided to buy it. But next time, i’ll be trying out the Gyoza so wait for a while


This is a Japanese Bulgogi. I forgot the name but its a japanese spicy meal.
When i tried it, i thought i was eating red chilli, but it was the meat after all.
I think this is perfect for people who prefer spicy food


               beef Teriyaki
I loved this, this is one of the meals i loved to eat over and over again. 2nd to scallops, but definitely my favorite.
Each Japanese restaurant has their own taste and i never get tired of this.

I was gonna complement it with Maki roll but decided to try it next time.
And there will be a next time


I forgot what this is and i didn’t get to taste it, but my friend said that it was delicious and thats all that mattered


Gong Hei Fai Xoi!!!!!!

2015 may not be a good year for me, but it doesn’t mean i’m giving up in making it a good year.
Celebrating another year of youthful vibes.
Let’s not count the days to come but look back on the path we thread upon and make them our stepping stone to move forward.





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