Jekyll and Hyde

You’ve never seen me drink alcohol
You’ve never  seen me in a Club
You’ve never seen me in a fight
In short, you concluded that I completely live like a good student

I’m sorry but i’m extremely cautious of letting people see my bad side.

I act like a good person when truthfully
Deep down, i’m the worst of the kind.

I am not kind
I am not generous
I am not that forgiving.

I tend to hold my grudges
I tend to seek revenge

I always believe in the saying

an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

But i am not planning to come out if the world and publicize my evil nature.

I kinda prefer it to be keep in check and controlled.
After all
My double life, needs to be kept hidden and my true self must be keep under control.


Because, that’s what its like to live and blend in, in our community

In our country and other foreign countries.
Everyone lives peacefully cause there are rules set to keep it that way.

I am not the rule abidding citizen.
In fact, i really love to rebel and break those rules.

Hahaha… that’s just who I am.
No need to be shock.


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