Mae Krua Thai

It’s been so long since i ate a Thai meal, at a Thai restaurant, and had been full with utmost bliss, leaving wonderful comments of love.

I’m just saying that the last time I ate a Thai meal. It was fuckin’ disgusting.
The drink was unsatisfactory and i just had a shitty day.

So when we ended the seminar, I was very hunger or just had a tummy-bitsy or was it stress. But it didn’t erase the fact that I was hungry

So when all the restaurants were close or about too.
MAE KRUA THAI, remained open for us….like a light beckoning for you.
We went there.


I was not really familiar with Thai food, but the onr i wanted to eat was Pandan Chicken.

I ate it before but it was fuckin’ small so it wasnt enough to satisfy my hunger.

But when our chicken arrive, it was not small, it was big and appetizing and without much a do, we devoured it.
I was about to catch my next chicken when i realize i have to blog it.
This one was better.


We started eating the 1st 2 chicken that this 2 were the only left.
Affordable price. Good food.

I will definitely come back and try out the other meal.
And I will definitely take a snapshot of their menu.


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