HongKong Visit Part 1

Of all the countries on my list, I want to visit. HongKong was the last on my list.


1-Because I’m not curious

2- Because I don’t know the langauage (Mandarin/ Cantonese)

3- What is there to see in HongKong. Buddha – that’s an X on my list.

4- a continuation on #3. I don’t include Buddhist temple or religious Monastery in my Tour list.

5- I’m not an Atheist. I’m just not into Relics or medium material.

Of Course. I wanted to go to HongKong to accompany my parents and siblings. They won’t do without me.Keehhehe

I can act like a local & understand a few Mandarin (Chinese words) and I can memorize the map and place just by looking at it.

Of course my amazing memory works only when it comes to Geography and Navigation.

Learning of another’s culture and development is also included in my agenda.

Brother & Me

Brother & Me

from the left: Dad, Mom, NN

from the left:
Dad, Mom, NN

We left at 11 pm (Friday) and headed to the Airport.

Of course. Our flight wasn’t direct to HongKong so we have to transfer to another flight in Manila.DAMN! Its sucks.

I only have a few minutes to take a nap and we’re off.

I have a lot of things planned for our itinerary, but of course. Since I’m not the one having the money.

It was a losing fight. No, there wasn’t even a fight.

The person with the final say in a trip, is the one who have the most  money.

and my dad, carried all our money and gave us a pocket money of $200.

Of course. It wasn’t enough. But a careful planning –which is just minimizing the food I eat and not buying a lot of material things. Save me more money.

Imagine for a Shopaholic girl like me- to land in a place surrounded by shops and mall everywhere. Well, it took all of my mental reasoning not to be swayed by it all.

We decided to head to Disneyland on the 1st day of the trip.

Of course I wanted to ride the RC racer and Runaway Car. Children couldn’t ride due to height requirements.

We Got a Discount cause the Hotel (Golden Crown GuestHouse) we stayed in, sell tickets. Reserving it online is twice cheaper than buying it from the hotel and on-site.

Our Hotel is in a favorable location. Its near a lot of MTR station. an Airport service Bus across the street. near KFC and Mcdonald. and is near a lot of Shops and mall. what more could I ask for.

price price 2

We ate at KFC caused my parents preferred rice. and Mcdonald- to our shocked does not serve Rice. and Jollibee -unfortunately could not be located.and I’m in no mood to try other restaurants or fastfood. lack of sleep and excessive hunger lost all my blogger spirits and just settled for a close-by fastfood joint.

my brother took this pic. I was just looking at her stockings. Its so cool. I was just intrigued by her stockings that look like a long knee socks

my brother took this pic. I was just looking at her stockings.
Its so cool. I was just intrigued by her stockings that look like a long knee socks

20150418_143221 IMG_5935 IMG_5939

When our belly is full and our energy renewed. We are ready to head to our 1st Destination- Disneyland


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