HongKong Day 2- Ocean Park

Our Day 2 has begun. YEHEY!

Supposedly, we have to wake up at 5

but since we took longer taking a bath, cause there was only 1 bath. Goodness.

We have to wait for one another to finish and of course. The longest person to take a bath goes first….bwahhaahah!

There was no fight or agreement. just the 1st one to reach the bathe, goes first and what can I say. Its my win.

My dad really choose the best hotel, cause their Shower was splendid, they even have a built-in blow-dryer.

Now That’s Convenient.

My dad really found the perfect hotel and the perfect spot in lodging in HONG KONG. SUBARASHI!!!! *Applause*

Let me tell you. From Our Hotel 1 block to the right is the MTR station. convenient right.

We just need to take the MTR to Admiral Station which is easy.

You just need to follow the sign.

then Get off and take Exit B. You’ll see a SIGN that points to BUS 629 that transport immediately to Ocean park.

This place is just so convenient.

Can’t we have a system like this in Philippines. I’m getting more and more envious.

Line of 629  buses arrive one after another

Line of 629 buses arrive one after another

You can Buy tickets here. even at MTR station.

You can Buy tickets here.
even at MTR station.

Places we passed through on the way to Ocean park.

Skyscraper building. HongKong is small so Buildings are build upright.

Skyscraper building.
HongKong is small so Buildings are build upright.

IMG_6137 IMG_6140

Now, let me Introduce you to Ocean park…..Dang!dang!dang!Dang!


IMG_6151 IMG_6150

We decided to Skip Waterfront, since its just kid stuff and decided to head to “The Summit” first. We Ride the Xtreme before we ride the gentle.


They were selling Food again and Gosh. This people really want to tempt me to buy food. I just swallowed my drool and walk forward.

IMG_6170 IMG_6176 IMG_6171

the old Tram train. I saw the Modern Tram on the way to Ocean park. I really wanted to ride the  Tram and go to

the old Tram train.
I saw the Modern Tram on the way to Ocean park.
I really wanted to ride the Tram and go to “The Peak” but i don’t have that much time to sight see all of it.

IMG_6180 IMG_6184



spotted – Hair raiser Ride.

IMG_6182 IMG_6189 IMG_6190 IMG_6191 IMG_6192 IMG_6193 IMG_6210IMG_6209 IMG_6217When we arrived, it was already Lunch and we have to search for the nearest Food Store, Cafe, snack bar….whatever that offers affordable and stomach fulfilling meal.

We head first to Polar Adventure, since the Rainforest wasn’t that much exciting.

*Keheheh* that’s an excuse. We just don’t want to get wet. So it was an easy agreement, between my bro and me.

and also. I really wanted to see the Penguins. Too bad. We couldn’t feed them. and I wanted to touch and Hug a Penguin.




He’s name is Flipper. It’s he’s name now. I called it dibs and I own him now.


They are just so adorable.


Have you seen a Penguin walk. they are just so adorable I squeeled.

IMG_6238IMG_6244 IMG_6247 IMG_6255




Arctic Fox. believe to Change their Fur color depending on the season. Too bad I could not see all that splendor cause they were all sleeping.

IMG_6259 IMG_6261


IMG_6264 IMG_6269 IMG_6270 IMG_6285 IMG_6284


Rated Top 1 ride I liked.

This ride is not for the weak of heart.

kehehe. I may look meek and dainty, but my Likes are Danger and thrill. and this ride fits right into my criteria.


See the floorless board in the picture. It was that exciting and nerve-wracking.



Proof that I rode the Hair Raiser and I’M ALIVE !!!!







We arrived and saw people feeding the Seal.

I thought it was part of the admission ticket, but we have to pay for another one, just to feed the Seal. So we just stand at the side and “Ooh” and “ahh”. as the lady throws the fish clumsily.

If it was me, my aim would be perfect. I probably would have hit it right into the seals mouth.

hahaha—That’s how confident i am of my skill.


IMG_6350 IMG_6360 IMG_6353 IMG_6361 IMG_6365


20150419_145749 20150419_144156

Riding the longest escalator.

Riding the longest escalator.

IMG_6319 IMG_6323 IMG_6329 IMG_6325


Rated as my Top 5 favorite ride.

I just love how this Train twist and turn and just drop you down as it knocks the air out of you.

It was so thrilling and awesome.

Just so you know, when the train drops down. It’s up to you to fling up your arms or hold on the hand rails for life sake.

I felt i was falling down in top speed. Even now, I couldn’t forget this experience.

I wanted to do this again, but my brother won’t go back for another ride. BUMMER!

Well, let’s just see each other after 3 years.

I’m definitely gonna come back and ride it again.

***This ride is not for the weak of heart.***

IMG_6339 IMG_6337 IMG_6341 IMG_6335 IMG_6334 IMG_6333 IMG_6338


This little me is as small as a fish in front of the jaw of a shark.

This little me is as small as a fish in front of the jaw of a shark.

IMG_6376IMG_6378 IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_6383 IMG_6384

Seeing Sharks. I just got this urge to touch them.

Nothing lethal or suicidal. Just once, I want to touch a shark and not get my hand eaten.

What Chance do I get?

IMG_6388 IMG_6389IMG_6390 IMG_6394 IMG_6398 IMG_6402

sorry if its blurred. The shark keeps moving I can't get a still shot.

sorry if its blurred.
The shark keeps moving I can’t get a still shot.

IMG_6410 IMG_6412


I was brave enough to ride the Hair raiser, but I hesitated and back out, with The Abyss.

It wasn’t scary, just not good for the stomach.

I’ve experience a lot of Stomach dropping/Organ dropping experience, as if your whole intestines and stomach are gonna fall out. But riding this.

Its just a No.

IMG_6427IMG_6429 IMG_6432


It was a good thing I took a “motion sickness” medicine. This ride just twirls you around. I distracted myself and look out to admire the view of the Island.



There wasn’t anything on it.

Just a Pond with lots of Koi Fish. I guess for Luck.

I’ve seen a Koi Fish. Lots of them. then I guess I’m gonna be lucky now right. Can I believe on it?

IMG_6450IMG_6448 IMG_6449IMG_6452IMG_645620150419_163754



The Sea jelly looks beautiful.

Their graceful motion is they move their tentacles to navigate in the water. WOW.

It’ll leave you speechless.

The water lighting creates wonderful colors and it looks like the jelly fish blends-in with the lighting and changes color. From blue, pink, violet, white.

It was all too pretty to see, we linger for a bit and admire them.

The camera can only capture half of it. Seeing it for yourself is worth it

12.1 2.2 2 3 45 6

8 9 10 12 13 14 11 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25.1 25 26.1 26

28 27



My dad and mom & lil sis rode the ocean Tower. My bro and I couldn’t get to ride it cause, we wanted to try other rides which was on the XTREME list.

We also rode the Dragon.

Too bad i couldn’t ride “The rapids” & “Raging river” cause, we didn’t brought a change of clothes nor a raincoat.

and at 5 pm.

We decided to go home, since I still have a plane to catch.

So we rode the “Ocean Express”.

The line of people waiting was crazy.It was like a mob.

since it was Sunday. many people locals and tourist visited the park so when its about time to go home.

It was jammed-packed.

we had to hurry and move fast or others are gonna insert on our line. My dad almost fell off 2 steps, when he lost he’s balance.

Then we rode the same way we came.


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