Victoria 1st B-day

I’m sad my sister have to miss such a fantastic and wonderful party. Its like a kid wonderland 1688954_10204503377204680_1901456672862539141_n image The whole set-up was just A-dorable. They even have my favorite. Mr. Ginger bread man. But he’s not for eating. Thank goodness. They also have cute cupcakes and fondant. I thought they were designs but-NOPE- its real baby. Under that beautifully designed fondant is a delicious cupcake. image image image image image image And of course i could not avoid a photoshoot. LOL Its not picturisque ( does this sound right) but HEY- who won’t smile for the camera. image image image image 11407062_10204503381124778_4344638996557685061_n11390313_10204503379604740_8994123115655612036_n11401075_10204503382924823_667016996719876203_n11350507_10204503382524813_7785263092862605049_n All in all. It was one big kiddie-cuteness party. I’m not into children. But my sister may have change my mind 180 degrees turn. But the remaining angles, haven’t yet touch. Anyway. GREAT PARTY VICTORIA. VI ♥♥♥♥ Next time. I wish to throw my sister a party this cute.

Stay tune


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