October Roadtrip 2015

They say that people you’ve met in your highschool days and have stick with you even until now,

are friends worth keeping for.

No matter how far you live, or how busy you are.

They are friends whom you can always count on,

spend time with and Just be yourself and be crazy, without worrying for anything.

Of course, you have to be careful.

They are vicious and keen and won’t lose a chance to tease you when they discover something funny or interesting about you.

Aren’t they just a keeper?!


Finally @ Chitang Torta!!!

1012436_10204096020354924_6021128382514393132_n 1610749_10204096017434851_3004919683495030787_n (1) 1610793_10204096013554754_8924639157862373401_n 10460205_10204096015354799_2675128690825918406_n 11219391_10204096014834786_1075255581515925233_n 12038450_10204096012474727_8253272350544324590_n 12046689_10204096016234821_4670353424509263587_n 12049171_10204096023635006_217165926401971997_n 12049720_10204096021794960_4530742411324343877_n 12108826_10204096015674807_2475239300401250773_n

We didn’t have time to tour on other places but I hope that next time.

We could still be all together and have fun just like this.

I really wish It’s not me driving next time.

I want to dance and just laze inside the car.

1509031_10204096022554979_938826623922277381_n 11207341_10204096019994915_7572180088612630347_n 12039458_10204096012994740_7384354533620408915_n 12065566_10204096021474952_6498211994410766805_n


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