I’m Sai Exs…….

Sai -originally was created by my highschool crush, and i have the same name as my favorite anime character “Fujiwara No Sai”

Exs – means Exotic, one of a Kind

I studied Bachelor in Nursing at Velez College. Am a Registered Nurse (proud of it), Creative Director, and is currently studying Medicine.

I’m a Fashionista, Foodaholic, TravelBee, Bookworm, Beauty Blogger, K-J-POP Fanatic, Japanese Devotee, and Taekwondo Instructor (2nd Black Belter)………and I speak 6 languages (No problem if you wish to speak in your dialect).

I’m just an ordinarily girl, living an extra-Hectic lifestyle, that in one second, I may just drop dead beat and sleep.hhahaha…[that’s an understatement]

So to get-away from it all, I started blogging. I’ve been blogging ever since Highschool and have  just taken this more seriously NOW. *laughs*

My former blog was JustCuriousz.blogspot.com, but since  my computer got wet from a catastrophic accident, I’ve been using my phone to blog, and wordpress.com has an App for Android Phone, so it’s more of the sudden impulse I decided to shift here.


Nice to meet you all!




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