Korean Drama List- Favorites

■ I remember you
■  High Society
■  Scholar who walks the night
■ Orange marmalade
■  Twenty (movie)
■ Oh My Ghostess 2015
■ Who are you-School 2015
■ School 2013
■ Girl Who Sees Smells
■ Falling for Innocence
■ Con Artist
■ King 2 Hearts
■ Kill me, Heal Me
■ Jekyll, Hyde and Me
■ Producer
■ My Love from the Stars

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Japanese Drama List-Favorites

■ DoS Deka
■ Ouroboros
■ Death Note (2015)
■ Death Note
■  Trick 1-2-3
■  Hanakimi
■  All Esper Dayo (movie)
■  All Esper Dayo (dramal
■ Shinjike no Kyojin
■ Bloody Monday season 1-2
■ ST Keishichou Kagaku Tokusou Han

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Jekyll and Hyde

You’ve never seen me drink alcohol
You’ve never  seen me in a Club
You’ve never seen me in a fight
In short, you concluded that I completely live like a good student

I’m sorry but i’m extremely cautious of letting people see my bad side.

I act like a good person when truthfully
Deep down, i’m the worst of the kind.

I am not kind
I am not generous
I am not that forgiving.

I tend to hold my grudges
I tend to seek revenge

I always believe in the saying

an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

But i am not planning to come out if the world and publicize my evil nature.

I kinda prefer it to be keep in check and controlled.
After all
My double life, needs to be kept hidden and my true self must be keep under control.


Because, that’s what its like to live and blend in, in our community

In our country and other foreign countries.
Everyone lives peacefully cause there are rules set to keep it that way.

I am not the rule abidding citizen.
In fact, i really love to rebel and break those rules.

Hahaha… that’s just who I am.
No need to be shock.

MHAM Christmas Party

My first ever Christmas party in Med. School

My First ever Christmas Party as a First year in med. school.

and I hope this won’t be my last Christmas party

well if it is. I’ll deactivate my FB and never appear in public again… the shame it would give me….Please don’t!!

Now, enough with my melodrama and more partying….hahaha…just a figure of speech..

There really wasn’t anything fun during The Christmas party @ Oakridge.

It wasn’t fun, that it was raining heavily

It wasn’t even fun with the traffic

Nor was it fun ……………..with the program….honestly…I don’t like to lie since its so much bother so I’m putting my thoughts into words.

But i was happy with my friends and I was having fun enjoying the food….mind you that’s the reason I went and nothing more.

It was fun grading whose the best dress women and men and its even fun looking at the girls pretty dress and nice body….Let’s just say I had a wonderful night because of that!!!!!!

I had fun thoughts of whose A-cup and B-cup and all. and hey that one is wearing a foam , minus that and its WOAH!!!


In my own special way, I did my best to have fun.

The BEST part is the “AFTER PARTY @ La Vie Parisienne”,.

You know i hate Alcoholic beverages but I will never ever hate wine. In fact, I love wine, if i could drink a bottle of wine everyday. That is pleasure.

Too bad. i don’t have enough money T_T so i couldn’t drink  Mr. 2008 wine. I’ve got my eye on you!!!! >.<

But hey. It was fun Chatting with my friends and laughing and just talking about a lot of stuff that comes to mind

and thinking about a lot of stuff that comes to mind. hey. 1 bottle won’t get me drunk. It just makes me talk more. I think?!


from the left: Khenheart, Sai, Yen, Ellaine, Dee, Mich, Tacky, Mau, Lyla






edit 2


I don’t know why but during this time, the pictures we took is rather blurry….We need to sleep  NOW ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Well, I jut wanna say


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf CANNED

I may have turned into a NEET,  knowing that I seldom go out of the house, either than school, friends, Cosplay, Fashion Events, Food Hunt and shopping.
I don’t have anything planned in mind.

So new things, new marketed products…I will learn later
But who cares, better late than never…right?!


Check out this canned CBTL iced tea
It’s so convenient, I don’t need to walk to Cybergate Robinson or drive to IT park to order this drink…
I’m a local in Cebu, so believe me when I say i know every nook and cranny, even the HP, of this city, so finding a 7eleven is no sweat (laughs)
(I’m being silly again,I’m boasting something nonsense to you)

I loved iced tea but i loved them sweet.
The drink wasn’t to sweet or too better. It’s right for my taste…(i don’t know yours) but i really liked this drink….Now I’m hook…

NOW let me finish the whole drink as I post this story

Believe in Dreams quotes

Guess what the mail sent me from blogs I follow…

I don’t really like inspirational quotes.
But this one is an exception. Not only is it realistic, its positive, its funny, its just lifts you up.
But the effect may take awhile to be notice, since chasing your dreams, as I have chased mine…..is hard, difficult, looks impossible, tiresome, depressing, but they all say, the best thing in chasing your dream is not the end of it, but the process and steps you took to get there.
And I say Hell yeah!!! (So long as my parents aren’t planning of kicking me out)

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By world of wanderlust
One of my favorite blogger ♡♡

Begins Again


I transferred my blog from blogspot to wordpress since , wordpress has an app at google play.
Decided on impulse, cause this is more convenient for me.

This is my personal blog, and so I mostly blog about,everything
I’m an all around person.

I write to Anything that is interesting, yummy, good for the eyes, and irresistible


You may find post you won’t understand (most are Myself readable & only those who knows me can relate too)

Hope you enjoy reading my nonsensical opinions (at least that’s how most people view it), they pretty made sense to me. *laughs*


You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.
-Mahatma Ghandi