Jekyll and Hyde

You’ve never seen me drink alcohol
You’ve never  seen me in a Club
You’ve never seen me in a fight
In short, you concluded that I completely live like a good student

I’m sorry but i’m extremely cautious of letting people see my bad side.

I act like a good person when truthfully
Deep down, i’m the worst of the kind.

I am not kind
I am not generous
I am not that forgiving.

I tend to hold my grudges
I tend to seek revenge

I always believe in the saying

an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

But i am not planning to come out if the world and publicize my evil nature.

I kinda prefer it to be keep in check and controlled.
After all
My double life, needs to be kept hidden and my true self must be keep under control.


Because, that’s what its like to live and blend in, in our community

In our country and other foreign countries.
Everyone lives peacefully cause there are rules set to keep it that way.

I am not the rule abidding citizen.
In fact, i really love to rebel and break those rules.

Hahaha… that’s just who I am.
No need to be shock.

Mae Krua Thai

It’s been so long since i ate a Thai meal, at a Thai restaurant, and had been full with utmost bliss, leaving wonderful comments of love.

I’m just saying that the last time I ate a Thai meal. It was fuckin’ disgusting.
The drink was unsatisfactory and i just had a shitty day.

So when we ended the seminar, I was very hunger or just had a tummy-bitsy or was it stress. But it didn’t erase the fact that I was hungry

So when all the restaurants were close or about too.
MAE KRUA THAI, remained open for us….like a light beckoning for you.
We went there.


I was not really familiar with Thai food, but the onr i wanted to eat was Pandan Chicken.

I ate it before but it was fuckin’ small so it wasnt enough to satisfy my hunger.

But when our chicken arrive, it was not small, it was big and appetizing and without much a do, we devoured it.
I was about to catch my next chicken when i realize i have to blog it.
This one was better.


We started eating the 1st 2 chicken that this 2 were the only left.
Affordable price. Good food.

I will definitely come back and try out the other meal.
And I will definitely take a snapshot of their menu.

The Life on Top

I seen it before, but only a few times.
I could even count them with the palm of my hand.

That’s what they call it. The magestic view that spread out as far as you can see, reaching up to the horizon.

Of course, i know that. Been there , done that.

Still, seeing it once more, amidst the despair and nightmare i’ve witnessed. The reality and its people i bared my fangs with.
It made me forget them, just like that, awe struck and excited. My blood rushing to my brain, my heart pounding.
It was a moment that took my breath away.


This picture i’ve captured could only portray half of the sight i’ve witness.
My phone could not capture such majestic. Man-made it was but it was beautiful.

You wouldn’t see the rotten core the citu and its people have. Shrouded and masked in darkness and illuminated by the lights.
How marvelous it was.
It made me sneeze 🙂

I want to come back here again.
Next time, i’ll post a pic about sundown.
Just sit back and wait

Happy Chinese New Year -Joed’s Lutong Hapon

I got too lazy since we don’t have class and its the Chinese New Year….wishing to eat some fortune cookie

But well, we had a spontaneous evening with my friends and we Dine at Joed’s.

Good food, Good service, Reasonable price

As long as this 3 criteria fits the deal. Then I promise you’ll find me there.

I’m not into luxurious Restaurant. Delicious they may seem but they bore a hole in your wallet, when you’ve notice it, you could only choose the food that you can afford.
High class and rubbish. But well, who am I to criticize, when my appetite and desire is fulfilled. I could only wipe my mouth clean and foot the bills. That’s it.
You won’t hear me say, I’ll come back again. As courtesy. I’ll simply smile with disgrace.

Enough of me babbling and let me introduce you to a new place i’ve tasted.



This meat with veg , & egg
Is very tasty.
The meat has a strong taste but the Tamago, mediates the taste and made it even tastier.
This is the BESTSELLER in Joed’s


        Okonomiyaki –
I’ve been looking all over for this. Good thing Joed’s has this. It’s worth my money after all.

I couldn’t buy Gyoza, since i decided to buy it. But next time, i’ll be trying out the Gyoza so wait for a while


This is a Japanese Bulgogi. I forgot the name but its a japanese spicy meal.
When i tried it, i thought i was eating red chilli, but it was the meat after all.
I think this is perfect for people who prefer spicy food


               beef Teriyaki
I loved this, this is one of the meals i loved to eat over and over again. 2nd to scallops, but definitely my favorite.
Each Japanese restaurant has their own taste and i never get tired of this.

I was gonna complement it with Maki roll but decided to try it next time.
And there will be a next time


I forgot what this is and i didn’t get to taste it, but my friend said that it was delicious and thats all that mattered


Gong Hei Fai Xoi!!!!!!

2015 may not be a good year for me, but it doesn’t mean i’m giving up in making it a good year.
Celebrating another year of youthful vibes.
Let’s not count the days to come but look back on the path we thread upon and make them our stepping stone to move forward.




David’s Tea House

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a food review. Not that anyone’s reading…I’m just posting for the fun of it. 🙂

David’s tea house has been the talk of my school, and I’ve been to busy to visit the place, but during Valentine’s day, let’s say my guy is on the other side of the world and I’m not going to spend my V-day alone, so I went with my family to have a V-night dinner. More like my lil sis and I, hitch to their date.

Tokyo table-the love of my stomach was packed with people inside and outside and the waiting list goes all the way down.
My dad doesn’t like waiting, esp. 7 pm , way past dinner, so we look for another restaurants and we end up at David’s tea house. Luckily, there were vacant tables and my dad choose the table at the side. Not so open and a little private.

The moment i step inside, it feels like I was wisp and teleported to HongKong. The place really can give that vibe and the waiters and waitress wear cute Chinese outfit. It was just perfect.

The interior is design with Chinese superstitions and beliefs and the yable and chairs are covered in delicate red.
And i’m the type of girl who loves the color “red” . Frickin’ awesome.

Here are some of the foods we ordered, i managed to take a shot. The others were already in my stomach.


Roasted Pork Asado

I like this dish since its chewy, tasty and delish.
I wonder what they put in it, that made it yummy


Lemon Chicken

I can’t say if its delicious or just to sweet but i just tasted the lemon and spice down of the chicken.


Shanghai Spring Roll

We bought this for my bro, but since he didn’t arrive, we ate it ourselves and this spring roll is the best I’ve ever tasted.
I want to eat this everyday!!!!!!


Yang Chow Fried rice

I don’t know what kind of ingredients they put in, but it feels like eating this rice is enough to make you ‘burp’ 🙂


Blue Lemonade

I first ordered softdrink, but when i saw the other table have a blue drink, i wasted no time and immediately cancelled my order and pointed for this one.
“Blue Lemonade”- its good that I was observant, codos to super photographic memory and eagle eye. I discovered this drink and what’s even more awesome is that its—-“bottomless”.
I didn’t know i can have a refill until 1 waiter was walking with a pitcher…i know its my drink cause its blue. ***lucky***


Sorry for this, we ate some of it, cause we were hungry already.
The Tea and nuts no longer keep our hunger at bay.

We also had “David’s Special Noodles”, but we just use it as a soup.

All in all.
Good food, reasonable prices, great services. I’m positive I’m gonna come back for another year’s celebration.

Address: B 201-203 City Times Square, Mantawi Ave., Brgy Subangdaku, NRA, Mandaue City
Contact no.: 0917-565-7889
MOP: Cash/ Card
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat. -11am-12pm
Sun.- 11am -11 pm

Household disease

I know realize why my sickness back in college doesn’t seem to stop
That’s because. I don’t have enough sleep.
I can’t become a vampire so my body, wether I like it or not, have to shut down and recharge eventually
8hours of sleep ideally
Banana after meal
And taking vitamins and minerals is necessary for my body.

How do i know this. I read books and listen to discussions
That’s why I know all of this


When I go shopping i don’t bring an ounce of money on me.
Just myself.
Its one of the reason that makes me save money wisely, and spend it wisely.
When i go shopping, i don’t look at the brand. I look at the comfort of the clothes, shoes and weither the bags and accessories suit my clothes, in other words I’m not one to call a fashionista but a comfortunista….hahha. it sound weird but that’s me.
( my fashionista-psychologist friend calls me a ‘modern minimalist’) and maybe I am

When people point fingers and say I’m rich just because of the clothes I’m wearing when i do ‘window shopping’, you’re terribly mistaken Senorita’s, senor’s. 
Try taking a peek in my wallet and you’ll find out i just have money enough for food and parking tickets. HAH!

Now let me tell you my open secret.
I don’t carry money the day before i decide to buy anything. That’s because I want to avoid spending on unnecessary things.
Its like a disease. I have an urge to spend on impulse. Impulse buying and i have a tendency to hoard stuff with an excuse that i wanted it so badly, when in reality i don’t actually need it and it would just end up in my drawers and cabinets. A total waste of expense.

That’s why to fight off this urge. I don’t bring big bills on me and just small tokens for survival. So whenever the impulse to buy arose, when i peek into my wallet and see how little i have, it makes me ponder wether i want it or not.
And then think more realistically weither i need it to the point of dying for it or not.
Seasons past, fashion changes and there will be new stuff arriving. Its not worth to spend now, but its better to invest in the future.
That’s why i end up buying classical, simple pieces that could be mismatch with almost everything——in my wardrobe.

Kasadya sa SRP

I was hooked by a manga “Tokyo Ghoul” that i didn’t attend any event.
It’s not like cheering and screaming for unknown team makes me excited or glad….or even boastful about my choosen school.
Its just not my personality. I have other things better to do.
That’s how I feel

So we decided to have an early celebration of Mayes B-day.
I actually have little koney on me since I spent my savings buying a “Zara” bag.. That’s right. I bought one. Though seeing how my savings were gone in an instant, is kind of sad. Anyhow, we went to Kasadya sa SRP to celebrate mayes b-day, though Romey had to leave. *bummer* it was for a good reason but still——-








We rode a ferris wheel. I so wanted them to ride the open wheel-ferris wheel but they got scared, so No,we disn’t ride them in the end.
This gals are not up for an adventure. Too bad. But safety first. So we rode the Pirates of the Carribean Ship that sways back and forth in a crazy height, it made me feel my intestines are gonna drop , when the ship goes down from a long height.
Its not scary but crazy fucking awesome. KAPEESH!






I didn’t try the dragon cause it was obviously make me dizzy. (Talking from a past experience)
And the roller coaster has crickety sound that’s just sound “not safe” to me. So we played target shooting and we won a chocolate.
Hahhahaah! We pulled a few tricks so yeah. We did it

What to Prepare for Sinulog 2016

This year— though I was prepared for all the catastrophes and chaos that the Sinulog Event will do to me.

Sad to say my supplies were to much. When I look at the others in the crowd

here is what they brought, contrary to mine:

1. their selves

2. Their waterproof Camera

3. Waterproof handphone case

4. Small Sling bags for their money, camera and make-up [Inshort- A disposable bag you can throw away]

5. Extra Shirt when you want to look decent inside the malls, if ever your feet can still stand kilometers of walking

6. Party lights [small] for late night party

7. extra pair of slippers [the foldable type]

8. paper & pen. incase you met your solemate and they want your no.

9. Multi-colored Poster paints. [to mess up other people shirt]

10. Hair color Spray. [incase you have no more supply of poster paint and still want to mess with others]

11. Water Gun [ I need this next time]

12. Sinulog Mask [I badly need this, so my face won’t look like it got crap on]

13. Powerbank

14. An extra battery for the Camera

15. Know where your Crush Hang-outs so you can have an excuse of just accidentally meeting each other. Even for a moment.

That 5 second kilig moment made my whole day AWESOME!

16. Sanicare Wet wipes 30 sheets [Trust me. I need This badly] [Can be a substitute for make-up]

17. Lip & Cheek Tint [ just this 1 make-up item can make you look lively and beautiful the whole day]

18. Cut & Style Island Souvenirs Sinulog Shirt [you can throw away after the event]

Make-up against the crowd of alcoholics and paint job aftereffects is useless.

All this must fit inside your handy dandy mini-size sling bag.