METROBANK prepaid mastercard

HEY GUYS I just want you to know that I finally got my first ever Mastercard. (Pops out confetti) I’ve been hesitating for years to get an ATM card, cause I prefer cash payment. Did you know that the UGW , do business in cash. I’m not a fan of Credits, cause I want my stuff bought in full and no money lending increase guarantees. I was just taught early that handing loans or getting a loan is NOT a good characteristic of a businessmen. When you do business. You pay in Full, you get paid in Full. WHAT MADE ME CHANGE MY MIND? My friend met up with me one day, and she walk in with this killer cut- out Jeffrey Campbell boots and i fell in love with it at first sight. I’m not a fashionista but a Food Guru, but who says a Glutton can’t dress to kill. And those cut-out boots just killed me. ♥♥♥♥♥ I didn’t want to ask her where she bought them, cause she might get the perception I’m copying her style, which I’m not. Right? So i started surfin’ the net  locally and internationally. I found great boots but they weren’t the one I was lookin’ for. When i finally found one, they were Sold out. All of them. Kill me!!! Even the ones on JC site are out of stocks. When will you start selling it again. I decided to just wait for the shoes to come out again. So in order to prepare so I can snatch it out of their site the moment they are back online. I got myself a Metrobank prepaid mastercard. image What’s a prepaid card? □Cashier-swipe func. □ ATM card □ No maintaning balance ♥♥♥ □ No initial deposit □ Not connected to a bank account. ( keep your personal information private) □  Monitor spending & not worry about going overboard only when you’re out of balance □ withdraw the money you deposited to this card using any ATM. □ ATM withdrawal limit is set to Php 10, 000 per transactions. Upto 3 withdrawals a day. □ Access funds @ 1,200 metrobank ATMs. FREE OF CHARGE □ Transact @ 11,000 Bancnet, expressnet, & megalink ATMs nationwide & 1.6 million mastercard/ maestro/ cirrus ATMs in over 120 countries. □ Use the card in 30.2 million mastercard affiliated establishments worldwide. Simply present the MPC to the cashier for swiping □ I’m not a fan of CC, so I prefer using the MPC, cause I only get to spend the money I ACTUALLY have. (Makes a responsible & sensible person out of me) RELOAD? □ Metrobank online banking □ Metrobank mobile banking □ Phone banking □ ATM & at a branch FEE? □ Every ATM withdrawn you pay Php 25 regardless of the amount. □ Withdrawal is free of Metrobank ATMs. Php 11.50 – 15 to other banks ATM □ Balance inquiry Php 2.50 (other banks) Metrobank-free of charge □ For IW- $3.50 □ For Int. Balance Inquiry -$16.50 HOW TO GET IT? 1. visit a metrobank nearest you. 2. Fill up the prepaid card application form. 3. Present 1 vaild ID, Government ID, or Student ID ( 18- above) 4. Pay the Php 100 fee for the card ( Valid for 3 yrs.) & you can get it right away. The bank has a machine that instantly prints your name on the card instantly and POOF. Its done. I’m gonna use it starting today so I would know how convenient this is. I’m planning to use this online. Got to earn and raised some funds to owned those killer boots. I’ll post it in my blog when I finally bought those boots. ♥♥♥ 》》 See you when I see yah《《